What You Need to Know About Us

Serena Prince-375 Media was established to help raise awareness of Narcissistic Abuse. A single blog turned into a popular Internet source for cool digital content, humor, and knowledge.

We create motivational/inspirational/funny memes for sharing on social media. And of course, we provide helpful information about narcissists.

We believe knowledge is power, laughter is necessary, and kindness should be mandatory. A good sense of humor is healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

Serena Prince is proof that victims recover faster once they learn to laugh again. Now she helps others through her work as a life coach. Her specialty is helping clients recover from narcissistic abuse and long-term emotional trauma.

She is the author of What You Need to Know About Narcissists: Why Cartwheels In Bed & Circusworthy Stunts Won’t Matter and They Said It Best: Powerful Quotes to Lift Your Spirits, Jumpstart Your Brain, Motivate, Entertain, and Comfort You When You Cry

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